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What services are provided by SKI?

SKI is a global organization that assists International students with pursuing higher education in North America across 100+ degree and 250+ diplomas and courses.

We work in collaboration with colleges, universities and medical schools and also support international medical graduates with obtaining their practicing license in North America.

The services we offer to help you study overseas include counselling, application assistance, visa assistance, English language testing and training, student exhibitions and seminars.

What is the Vision of SKI?

SKI Education Network's vision is to bring changes in the world through education, to develop leaders, intellectuals, and also promote personal growth and social responsibility.

What is the Mission of SKI?

Our Mission is to foster a culture of equity and diversity, providing opportunities for students who have the potential to make a meaningful difference in local and global communities.

What are the Values of SKI?

Supporting students in their journey from learner to professional.


Cultivating the safe transition from their home country to foreign universities, colleges or medical schools in North America.

Applying innovation and best practices to inform students about the best programs available.


Endorsing and serving as agents of change.

Supporting internationally-educated Health Professionals and International Student Affairs locally, nationally and internationally.

What is the procedure to enroll as student?

You have to apply online, follow the instructions, pay the enrollment fee and meet with your advisor who will provide a tailored road map for your academic journey abroad.

 What is the procedure to enroll as Advisor?

Apply online, meet with your coordinator, get your training and begin working with students.

Does SKI assist in the visa application process?

Yes! We assist our registered applicants in visa process submission of documents and interview preparation.

Does SKI assist in writing Letters of Intent?

Yes! We help our registered students in writing letters of intent and provide them with customized guidance to document their story along with guidance on what the Admissions Committee wants to see in the document.


Does SKI help in assisting with Scholarships ?

Yes to our enrolled students we provide Scholarship application assistance and information. We have a data of over 22 million in scholarships from universities around the world .


What does SKI stand for and what is the organization's main functions?

SKI stands for Skill, Knowledge and Innovation. The main function of SKI is supporting students and promoting empowerment through education.

Why should we choose SKI Education Network?

These are the top reasons for choosing  SKI

  • At SKI we consider your success as our own and we offer the best advice to make you a leader in your career path.

  • SKI has an extensive team of 200+ highly experienced Advisors in over 30 cities.

  • Our network is growing through partnerships with over 50 Organizations.

  • We are working with the largest educational institutes that include secondary schools in South Asia and the Middle East as well as medical schools, colleges and universities in North America.

  • SKI has a deep understanding of the University Admissions process.

  • We have successfully processed over 2,000 student applications in the past 5 years

  • We provide online and local support for students across the globe.

  • SKI offers special scholarships and language resources to our students for applying to IELTS and language programs.

  • International and local student intake throughout year cycles.

  • Application fee waivers provided on request to local school counselors and advisors.

Disclaimer terms of use 


While SKI EDUCATION NETWORK has attempted to make the information on this website as accurate as possible, the information on this website server is for personal and/or educational use only and is provided in good faith without any express or implied warranty.


SKI does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage occasioned by use of the information contained on the website While we will make every effort to ensure the availability and integrity of its resources, it cannot guarantee that these will always be available, Users should take this into account when accessing the resources. All access and use are at the risk of the users.


At SKI we understand that your privacy is important to you. We are committed to meeting your expectations

Collecting your personal information allows us to:

  • Assist you to pursue the opportunity to undertake studies in an education institution outside your home country;

  • Provide you with relevant information on your study options;

  • Present you as a candidate to your preferred institutions across all education sectors, which are seeking to recruit international students who want to study abroad

  • Match you to course vacancies at your preferred institution and communicate offers in principle;

  • Assist you to further your career after completing your studies at an overseas education institution;

  • Provide opportunities to participate in projects/programs as consultants;

  • Provide opportunities to provide feedback and testimonials on your experience

  • Inform and provide students, institutions and other clients of developments in the services we provide (including events and opportunities to participate in projects/programs);

  • Conduct research for statistical, analytical and training purposes;

  • Manage our internal business operations and events; and respond to your questions.

Disclaimer of Liability for Provided Documents

  • Provision of Documents: SKI.INC  provide or facilitate access to various documents, including but not limited to reports, data, and other information ("Documents"), to the Partner ("Partner") .

  • No Warranties or Representations: The Company makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability, legality, or usefulness of any Documents provided. The Documents are provided "as is" and "as available" without any guarantees. The Company does not warrant or represent the accuracy, completeness, or truthfulness of any documents or information provided to the Partner. The Company shall not be held liable for any inaccuracies, omissions, or misrepresentations in the documents or information provided.

  • Good Faith Effort: The Company agrees to act in good faith in the collection and transmission of documents and information. The Company will not knowingly provide false or misleading information and will promptly disclose to the Partner any known inaccuracies or omissions in the documents or information provided.

  • No Liability for Third-Party Information: The Company is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of information or documents originating from third parties. The Company’s role is limited to transmitting or facilitating the transfer of such information, and the Partner acknowledges that verification of such information is its own responsibility.

  • Assumption of Risk: The Partner acknowledges and agrees that the use of any Documents provided to the Partner is at the Partner’s own risk. The Partner assumes full responsibility for the interpretation, application, and use of the Documents.

  • Limitation of Liability: To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Company shall not be liable to the Partner or any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages arising out of or related to the use of the Documents, including but not limited to errors, omissions, inaccuracies, or any other deficiencies in the Documents. The Company does not take responsibility for any losses, both directly and indirectly, that are caused during any transaction that involves the Partner.

  • Indemnification: The Partner agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Company from any claims, damages, losses, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising out of or related to the Partner’s use of the Documents, including but not limited to claims based on the Company’s reliance on the Documents.

  • Principal’s Responsibility: The Partner acknowledges and agrees that it is their sole responsibility to independently verify the accuracy and completeness of any documents or information provided to them by the Company on behalf of the applicant.

  • No Endorsement: The provision and contents of the Documents provided to the Partner by the Company do not constitute an endorsement, approval, or recommendation of any kind. The Company disclaims any responsibility for the content or use of the Documents.

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